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Bostik Tape

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Catalogue  >  Adhesives and Adhesive Tapes  >  Tape - Clear

  Code Brand Description Colour / Size UOM Quote Qty Extras
TAP 024C /
Bostik Bostik Super Clear Tape Dispenser Value Pack 18mm x 20m Clear Card 2
TAP 015B /
Pritt Pritt No More Scissors Tape 19mm x 25m Clear Each
TAP 002F /
Members Own D'Afriq 12x66 Tape Clear Each
TAP 002H /
Members Own D'Afriq 18x50 Tape Clear Each
TAP 002I /
Members Own D'Afriq 18x66 Tape Clear Each
TAP 002L /
Members Own D'Afriq 24x50 Tape Clear Each
TAP 002J /
Members Own D'Afriq 45x45 Tape Buff Each
TAP 002K /
Members Own D'Afriq 45X45 Tape Clear Roll
TAP 002M /
Members Own D'Afriq 45x50 Tape Buff Each
TAP 002N /
Members Own D'Afriq 45X50 Tape Buff Each
TAP 002U /
Members Own D'afriq 45x50 Tape Premium Buff Each
TAP 002Y /
Members Own D'Afriq 48x1000 Tape Clear Each
TAP 002Z /
Members Own D'Afriq 48x50 Security Tape White Each
TAP 002Q /
Members Own D'Afriq 48x50 Tape Buff Each
TAP 002P /
Members Own D'Afriq 48X50 Tape Clear Clear Each
TAP 002W /
Members Own D'Afriq 60X50 Tape Clear Each
TAP 002X /
Members Own D'Afriq 72x50 Tape Clear Each
TAP 053G /
Eurocel Eurocel Invisible Tape 12mm x 50m Invisible Each
TAP 001J /
Members Own Hsoro 48/x100 Tape Clear Roll
TAP 001K /
Members Own Hsoro 48x100 Tape Buff Roll
TAP 001I /
Members Own Hsoro 48x50 Tape Buff Each
LAB R500 /
Members Own RDRFN L7167 01UPB 199X289 JET GREEN GREEN BOX
16380 /
Scotch Scotch Econo Tape 147E 12mm x 66m Clear Each
TAP 0080 /
Scotch Scotch Transparent Tape Dispensed 12.7mm x 11.4m Clear
12mm x 11.4m
TAP 085 /
Sellotape Sellotape Clear 1 x Dispenser 18x20 Each
TAB 085H /
Sellotape Sellotape Clear Tape and Dispenser 18mm x 15m Clear Each
TAP 085F /
Sellotape Sellotape Clear Tape Refill 18mm x 33m Card 1
TAP 085C /
Sellotape Sellotape Econo Tape Large Core 12mm x 33mm Clear Flow Pack Clear Each
TAP 085E /
Sellotape Sellotape Large Core Tape 12mm x 66m Clear Clear Each
TAP 085B /
Sellotape Sellotape Sello Tear 50mic 18mm x 25m Clear Each
TAP 085C /
Sellotape Sellotape x2 Tape + Elephant 18mm x 20m 18mm x 20m Each
TAP 001B /
Members Own WOS 11X30 Tape Clear Large Core Clear Each
TAP 001C /
Members Own WOS 17X50 Tape Clear Clear Roll
TAP 001D /
Members Own WOS 23X50 Tape Clear Clear Roll
TAP 001G /
Members Own WOS 45X50 Tape Buff Buff Roll
TAP 001F /
Members Own WOS 45X50 Tape Clear Clear Roll

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